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This is a fun key chain or fob that couldn't be easier to tie,  in its simplest form it is simply a Solomon Bar that is continually doubled until the desired look is achieved.

- 12 Feet of 550 Type III Paracord

The best method for learning to tie this design is to view the full tutorial which is available in Adobe PDF format. Click here to view or download the full tutorial.

However, you can still view and modified version of the tutorial by following the images below.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi UniqueRopeCraft,

    Do you know anything about preshrinking paracord?Is it necessary? Does it only apply to some cords?

    Thanks, Jack

  2. @Jack: I've never given any thought to preshrinking paracord. Though it may shrink a little when wet, of the many bracelets I've worn, they've never shrunk to the point of becoming uncomfortable to wear.

  3. Anonymous

    I made something similar but wrapped up a bill inside to have emergency money on my keychain. And, since its tied up and tough to get to, it really makes it for true emergencies, not just inconveniences.

  4. Anonymous

    Everytime I try it wants to twist, it won't lay flat. Any help?

  5. Simple and fun! I will post my result on http://paracord-projects.net/. Paracord is really useful and I find this to be a great way to store it!


  6. Hey there!
    This is a fun and very useful project! I have made these myself but I like to use a quick deploy cobra knot. It make it more of a survival item.

    Mark from PG

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