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I recently purchased some exciting new colors of paracord from Supply Captain and I thought I would use one of those colors to tie one of my favorite bracelet designs by TyingItAllTogether. The color I chose to use is called Urban Camo and I used approximately 6-7 feet for the main color, you will also need a core strand, I used approximately 2 feet of black.

Last week I decided I would go on a little hiking and fishing trip and I would need to take along the right type of paracord bracelet. Although the Stitched Solomon Bar by JD at TyingItAllTogether isn't what I would call a "survival" design, it is becoming one of my all-time favorite bracelet designs, so I decided it would be the design I wanted to tie.

This is a variation of a design by Hotmetalmel from the Fusion Knots Forum it uses fused Cross Knots separated by the Endless Falls Knot by TyingItAllTogether. I added a loop for a keychain and attached it with a couple of Blood Knots.

The Cross Knot looks good from the front and backside, but on this design, I prefer the look of the backside of the knot coupled with the backside of the Endless Falls Knot which makes a great looking bar.

I decided since the tutorial was going to be rather long that I would publish this tutorial on Instructables instead of one big post.

You can view the tutorial by clicking this link.

You can download the full tutorial in PDF form by clicking this link.

I was thinking for my first tutorials that I would show some of the knot designs that you might commonly see, I've noticed many great looking Wall Knot designs on Stormdrane's blog. This is a great design, it's easy to tie and can be used with different strand variations. I am showing the directions for a Two Strand Wall Sinnet, but the directions are the same regardless of the amount of stands you choose to use as long as there are more than one.
A Wall Knot is tied almost like a Crown Knot, but instead of going over its neighbors loop, it goes under. It sounds more complicated than it actually is, so check out the tutorial for a better visual description.

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