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I decided to redesign the bracelet tying jig because no matter what I tried, after I painted it, when I would try to reposition the slide, it was always stuck and I would have to pry it up with a screwdriver to move it.  

The main difference in this design is the ruler and ruler guide, I was going to put a ruler on last time but the design wouldn't allow it.

For complete instructions on how to build this jig using only five cuts and less than fifteen dollars, click the Continue Reading button.

I just completed my first instructable (tutorial for those who aren't familiar with the website). The tutorial I decided to use as my first instructable was to show how to tie the Unique Germ Grenade which I posted previously.
So if you're interested in viewing the tutorial, this is the link.

I posted the tutorial to enter a contest that they are currently having for tying paracord. If you have a tutorial for tying paracord then you should enter it, who knows, you might win.

UPDATE: My Instructable has been chosen as a Finalist in the Paracord Contest!

These Hogs Tooth necklaces are a tribute to our brave United States Marines. The Hogs Tooth necklace is given to a Marine Scout Sniper upon graduation of Snipers School which certifies them as no longer being a PIG (Professionally Instructed Gunman) and becoming a HOG (Hunter of Gunman). The bullet is symbolic of being the master of your own death since the bullet is the one meant to take your life, and now you hold it.
Two of the necklaces are a variation of the Rune Stone Knot and the other is a replica of a Hogs Tooth necklace with the bullet coming from my .270 and not a .30 round.

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