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I decided I needed to change out my old Monkey Fist fob and replace it with something new, and in the next couple of posts I'll be adding some images of the fobs that I like best and I'm hoping for some input from you on your choices.

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The Oblong Knot is similar to the Chinese Cloverleaf Knot. I have been waiting for a practical use for this knot for quite awhile now and when I decided to "unique-ilize" my laptop backpack, it gave me just the situation I needed. I wanted to decorate the bag with zipper pulls and a Turk's Head handle. (Continued...)

Most paracord bracelets are made using plastic buckles but now there's another way. J.D. at TyingItAllTogether had another great idea by using elastic ponytailers to create a stretchable bracelet.
I really like the look of the full band without the cumbersome knot or buckle. The only drawback is going to be for the folks with larger wrists, though these are stretchable, the tighter it's stretched, the more it's going to dig-in to your skin. If this is the case, I believe Shock cord would work in place of the ponytailers. This can be purchased in basic colors from Supply Captain. (Continued...)

For a while now I've been wanting to try the Table Lamp project described in Stuart Grainger's Creative Ropecraft. So I set out on a journey to find the materials needed to complete the project. The cordage was the easiest thing since I knew I was going to be using paracord and since this project would probably require around thirty feet or more, I used my olive drab paracord because it seems that I have more of that than any other color. As for the lamp, you can purchase the lamp guts, the wiring and socket for the bulb, from a hardware store which was what I intended to do. In the book, Grainger used a cut-off piece of broom handle for lamp post, I was going to use pvc, which can also be purchased from a hardware store. (Continued...)

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Recently I searched online to try and find the cheapest Perma Lok Lacing Needles to tie Turk's Head knots. The needles are fairly cheap but considering that it costs more to ship them than the actual product costs, I just don't find that it's worth it unless you're ordering twenty or more so that the shipping per package doesn't seem so much like robbery. Times are tough these days and I believe in saving every penny possible so I read an article in KHWW.net that shows you how to create your own lacing needles using copper pipe. The trouble with this method is that I couldn't find any copper smaller than 1/4 inch in diameter (I believe that's the smallest size) and when you figure the Paracord is 1/8 inch, the 1/4 inch copper pipe is a good bit larger and doesn't seem practical. (Continued...)

The Dragons Tongue is rapidly becoming my favorite weaving method for survival bracelets. I learned to tie this weave by watching the video by J.D. at TyingItAllTogether, he has shown me many of the knots I tie. I like to call these bracelets "Super Swampers" because in my opinion it looks just like the tread of tires called "Super Swamper Boggers" by Interco Tire. If you don't know what I'm talking about then check out the website and make your own conclusion. (Continued...)

For my first post I thought I would go with a common design, though I added a not so common twist. I chose to triple weave the cobra, and no you aren't seeing the image wrong, it's kind of fat but I like the chunky look of the king. (Continued...)

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