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This is a knot that I really like, this being the second time I have posted this knot, I want to make it clear and easy for anyone to be able to tie it, although a clearer tutorial is available in The Complete Book of Decorative Knots. In my previous post I included a diagram to tie the knot, in this post I have shown each step in tying this knot. I would suggest for the first timer in tying this knot to pin the cord down exactly as I have in the illustration, the tighter you pin it together, the easier it will be to snug it up in the end.
Click the image for a larger view.

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This knot can be used for multiple purposes such as zipper pulls, lanyards, etc.

More techniques using this knot will be posted soon, I'm building a new light tent so that I can take better images of my knotwork and once that's done I will be taking photos of some of the lanyards I've created using this knot. Also I may post a tutorial on creating a Light Tent like the one I'm currently building, although I don't know if there is enough interest in the subject to be worth posting it (let me know if you would be interested).


  1. Anonymous

    I'd be interesting in hearing about the light tent. (Hopefully I'm not missing an existing post...) I imagine Tyvek might provide a suitable material for the purpose. (They actually specify the opacity for different styles. The highest listed is 98% for 1056D, lowest is 91% for 1058D & 1059D. They list 10 other styles without specifying.)

    Thanks for the groovy site.

  2. I use a Light Tent to take most of the photos of my knot designs and I would recommend creating your own if you intend to take photos of smaller objects like bracelets and such. I have made several evolutions in Light Tent designs, but this tutorial shows the basic form of my current Light Tent. The only difference is my design uses three lights, one on each side and one on the top.

  3. @Anonymous: Depending on the size of the core you are using, most Monkey's Fist can be tied with a couple of feet of cord.

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