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For this post I thought I would show one of the knots that I have been working on recently. JD at TyingItAllTogether created the original version of this knot and published a video on the tying technique. The original design is great, but when I started fiddling with a few strands of cord the other day I thought I would see how it looked in a "wide" form.
I am labeling this knot as a prototype because I don't know how useful folks will find the design since it is wider than most lanyard knot designs. With your feedback I will determine if a tutorial should be made.

If you have noticed the scrolling marquee, I stated that changes are coming to my blog. From this point forward, almost every knot design that I post will be accompanied by a tutorial that will show how I tied the knot.  I will only be adding a tutorial if the knot meets the following criteria:
- If there are no tutorials for the knot freely available online.
- If the tutorial(s) that are available aren’t clear or I feel that I can add something to make it easier to tie the design.

I have been working on this post since receiving my new "Panda Camo" paracord from Supply Captain a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to publish the designs prior to Alabama winning the BCS National Championship, but once they won I’ve been celebrating and haven’t had time until now. For those who don’t understand why I am using this color paracord to tie Alabama-themed designs, I will explain. One of the greatest coaches in Alabama history often wore a houndstooth hat and I believe that this color is a great match for that design.
For those who don’t follow or care about football, I hope you will still find this post useful.

On my last hunting trip while navigating to the tree stand, I ended up dripping with sweat in 30° F weather. It occurred to me that I needed to lighten my load so that on future trips I won’t be freezing once I get settled in the stand from the amount of perspiration on my clothing.
An easy way to lose a little weight is to change my hunting knife. I am a lifelong fan of Buck knives, these are well made with good quality materials and they won’t break the bank. That’s when I decided to purchase the Buck PakLite Skinner which looks like the popular Esee Izula knives, but about forty dollars cheaper.

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