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I am truly pleased with the support from my readers, I asked you to click on the advertising links and try to reach five dollars in revenue in one day and you really came through, at last count it was over seven dollars, Thank You.
Since you did your part, I've been working for the past several hours to put together the tutorial that I promised.
As with most of my tutorials, I'll be including the tutorial in PDF form and a shorter version that is in image format.

This is an original design by JD of TyingItAllTogether, found in the photos of some of his new work on his Twitter channel.

This is a really great looking design, though it may not sparkle as well as it should in this monochrome format, but I kind of dig single-plain colors for fobs that I intend to carry on my key chain.

Although JD keeps churning out new and innovative tutorials, to my knowledge he hasn't release a video for tying this design yet.

This design was created by JD of TyingItAllTogether, I am only showing how to tie it and attach it to a buckle.
I am frequently asked how I attach buckles to bracelets, since it's hard to explain, I thought I would show it in this tutorial. The method used to attach this bracelet to a buckle will work on many different types of knot designs.

In a previous post, I presented the Braided Turk's Head Lanyard. It was originally designed by Trident and creates a stylish lanyard, I added the lanyard to a Turk's Head-handled flashlight.

This design shows the versatility of the Long Two Bight Turk's Head and has been a favorite of mine for a while.

Designs by ViperLabs DevTEAM