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If you have noticed the scrolling marquee, I stated that changes are coming to my blog. From this point forward, almost every knot design that I post will be accompanied by a tutorial that will show how I tied the knot.  I will only be adding a tutorial if the knot meets the following criteria:
- If there are no tutorials for the knot freely available online.
- If the tutorial(s) that are available aren’t clear or I feel that I can add something to make it easier to tie the design.

The first tutorial is a four strand braid and you can find tutorials for this design online, but I found that they could be easier to explain. I know that this braid is called many different names, but since I am going to try and better the tutorial from the BoondoggleMan, I will keep the name that he gave it.

With every tutorial that I add, I will provide a link to download the tutorial so that you will be able to store each tutorial on your computer for future use.  To view the tutorials on your computer, you will need Adobe Reader which is available for free download.
Download the tutorial (right-click the hyperlink and select Save Link As… and then save it to your hard drive location).
Download the tutorial image (right-click the hyperlink and select Save Link As… and then save it to your hard drive location).

You need four strands of cord to tie this knot; you can use two strands by splitting the strands in the middle which is the way the tutorial will show.
If splitting the cord as shown in the tutorial, 3 inches of cord will result in 1 inch of finished cord (3” per every inch needed).

Click on the image to view the original size.
Click on the image to view the original size.

I tied approximately thirty inches of the DiamondBraid Stitch and then connected the two ends together with a knot that I covered up with a HeadHunter’s Knot and then I tied a Knife Lanyard Knot that connects to Monkey’sFist that is wrapped around a regular Table Tennis (ping pong) ball. The total amount of cord used to tie the Monkey’s Fist Lanyard was about 18 feet of Panda Camo and about 9 feet of White paracord.


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