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With all the germs floating around nowadays, we all need to keep one of these on hand. The Germ Grenade has been floating around the internet everywhere but usually only for sale.
The hand sanitizer I chose to use was made by Purell and can be picked up in the checkout line at your local Wal-Mart for less than $2.00 so go grab one and tie one of these for yourself to keep in your vehicle or on your person.
I found a tutorial for tying the Solomon Bar design at ITS Tactical.

Thanks to a collaboration with Stormdrane I created what I think is a better looking grenade. I tied it using West Country Whipping, I used this tutorial to tie the grenade but a tutorial really isn't necessary other than getting started because this is one of the easiest designs to tie. Most of the time spent tying this grenade will be spent adjusting the cordage once it has been tied, I used my trusty knitting needle (a tutorial for creating this needle will be available later) which although it has a sharp point, it won't damage the paracord. Just keep adjusting until you reach the desired design.
If there is enough interest in this design I will include a tutorial for creating this type of grenade.

For more grenade images and grenade tying techniques, click the Continue Reading button...

NOTE: If tying a grenade using the West Country Whipping technique, you will need to keep in mind that the bottle shape will have an effect on the final outcome of the look of the grenade. The Purell bottle I used had hard edges which looked better to me than the GermX bottle because it was rounded.

This was the first West Country Whipping
I attempted, I used a GermX bottle for this one.

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