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For this post, I decided to show some of the newest "quick deploy" solutions for creating emergency paracord bracelets. You may have noticed one of the designs in the image from before, I previously featured it for an emergency bracelet and I thought it would fit perfectly with the other two bracelet designs.

This tutorial shows how to create a better Paracord Needle than the Perma Lok Lacing Needle (in my opinion).

After trying many different techniques from collaborations between my readers and me, I decided that I would take the simplest route possible. You can make this type of Lacing Needle with little more than a screw driver, drill and something to cut the needle material (i.e. hacksaw or Dremel).

My most recent purchase from Supply Captain included this Urban Camo paracord and the Emerson Skull attached to the loop of the Crown Sinnet. For the other fob I chose to use the classic style of the Solomon Bar which will never go out of style.

This tactical-looking pouch can be tied easily using one knot design. If you look closely at the pouch you will notice that it is simply a Wide Solomon Bar that is lashed together on the sides.

The amount of paracord you will need depends on the size of the pouch, I used four-seven feet long strands for the Wide Solomon Bar section and two-four feet long strands for the sides. You will also need a short strand to go around the top of the pouch and about two feet for the Solomon Bar on the backside to make a loop for a belt.

Recently while trolling the internet, I came across this design tied by a fellow Blogger. He was tying the design mainly for use as a leash, but this is a tough, rugged looking design that can be used in many different ways. Before tying this lanyard, I thought about using this design as a strap to replace the "Oh Crap" handles in my Jeep.


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