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For my final knot design this year, I thought I would tie a lanyard for my rear view mirror in hope that it will bring me good fortune next year. The lanyard is tied with three Chinese knots, the Good Luck Knot, Butterfly Knot, and the Snake Knot. The Good Luck Knot is used on monk's garments or drapes in temples signifying good luck. The snake is one of the twelve animals in the Chinese horoscope. It is regarded as bringer of good fortune, and also the guardian of treasure. If you subscribe to the notion that "it can't hurt", then continue reading to view links to the tutorials and books that I used to tie this lanyard.

I tied this lanyard using eight feet of black 550 paracord, I added two glow in the dark skull beads that don't add any luck value to the lanyard but look cool glowing in my Jeep at night. I started by tying the Good Luck Knot. I learned to tie this knot from the Complete Book of Decorative Knots by Geoffrey Budworth, but if you don't own the book, you can find other alternative tutorials at the end of this post. Then I tied the Chinese Butterfly Knot, I learned this knot from The Book of Decorative Knots by Peter Owen, although I couldn't find any alternative tutorials for this knot, you can search the book in Google Books for "Chinese Butterfly Knot" and you can view the tutorial. The last knot I tied on the lanyard was a Chinese Snake Knot, I don't remember which tutorial I used to learn to the design because there are so many available on the internet, you can use one of the links listed at the end of this post to tie the knot.
If you intend to make a closed loop on your lanyard, you can use the same method that I used. Insert one end of the cord into the other end of the cord and sing them together. Then start loosening one of the cords of the Snake Knot and continue loosening to the Good Luck Knot and eventually you will end up with one single cord and the joined together section will be hidden inside the Snake Knot.

Even if you don't tie this design, I hope you have good luck and fortune in the coming year.
Thank you for supporting my blog, Happy New Year!



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