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For this post I thought I would show one of the knots that I have been working on recently. JD at TyingItAllTogether created the original version of this knot and published a video on the tying technique. The original design is great, but when I started fiddling with a few strands of cord the other day I thought I would see how it looked in a "wide" form.
I am labeling this knot as a prototype because I don't know how useful folks will find the design since it is wider than most lanyard knot designs. With your feedback I will determine if a tutorial should be made.


  1. Perhaps not as a lanyard, but it might make a great shoulder strap or a luggage handle.

  2. @Norm, you are correct, it would be very useful as a handle because of the stiffness of the knot.

  3. Great design! It looks beautiful! I think everybody will find this design useful.
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  4. Anonymous

    that could come in handy with a lot of different uses. lets have a tutorial.

  5. of course it needs a tutorial, it would make a great belt too, I love the pattern ;-)

  6. @ShirCraftalot: Thanks for the support! Since the original publication date of this post, a tutorial has been created for this design, it's not exactly finished the same way, but you will learn how to tie the "Wide Cobbled Solomon Bar".

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